Enel Cup Champions played against Inter Milan in Italy

On that Sunday in October, those eight young people did not go unnoticed by the Inter fans - not only because they were wearing red tracksuits with “Chile” written in big letters across the back but also because they were in the company of someone quite extraordinary: Iván Zamorano, a former Inter player and idol and former captain of the Chilean football team.

The teenagers were living a dream: they had crossed the Atlantic to see their idols, Gary Medel (Inter) and Mauricio Isla (Cagliari), play in Milan, the capital of modern soccer. They had earned this trip with effort and determination because, representing Santiago’s Independencia municipal district, they were the champions of the 2016  Chilectra Cup, actually Enel Cup. On the field, they had won this trip to Italy to meet their idols and play a game against the under-13 “Neroazzurro” team.

Experiencing the magic of Italy

The national delegation had the chance to live an unforgettable European dream. During their stay, they toured the city of Milan, soaking up its rich culture and cuisine. Engraved on their memory are places like the Duomo and the Museum of Fashion as well as the legendary Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in the city’s San Siro neighborhood. 

Their days there were filled with excitement and surprises. They were able not only to attend the match between the top Inter team and Cagliari in the company of Iván Zamorano but also to spend time with Gary Medel and Matías Fernández, members of their country’s national team. 

As part of their visit, the Enel Cup champions also played against the Inter under-13s at the Giacinto Fachetti Sports Center. After a 2-2 draw, the match went to penalties which  the Europeans won by a tight 3-1, taking the Enel Integration Cup.

The spirit of the Cup

The Enel Cup is already in its 15th year, seeks to contribute to the social work undertaken by Enel Distribución Chile in the 33 municipal districts of its concession area in the Santiago Metropolitan Region.

The tournament was launched as part of Enel Distribución Chile’s Program of Recovery of Public Spaces which has provided lighting for more than 170 sports facilities in the Greater Santiago area, providing a platform and opportunities for the development and education of the thousands of young people who participate in the tournament.