Electricity drives the future

From the Vatican to Brussels, the focus on 2 events held at end of May: the presentation in Brussels of ‘100 Italian e-mobility stories‘, the document produced by Enel and Symbola Foundation and the #CO2FreeForum/Laudato si’, held at the Vatican.


Building the future, from mother to mother

In the Limpopo Province, South Africa, Enel Green Power, together with the NGO Mothers2Mothers, has involved 12.433 HIV-positive women in a training and prevention programme. The aim is to reduce the transmission of the virus to children and to provide women with the tools they need to lead a healthy and productive life.


Energy for water

“The commitment to preserve natural resources and working for a sustainable and circular economy means being farsighted and able to rethink even choices made in the past, in a process of continuous improvement”

foto brazil

“The sun reaches inside homes in Bahia”

“The partnership between Enel Green Power and the Indian NGO Barefoot College has now reached Brazil where women in the rural communities of Fazenda Velha and Estrada Velha do Garimpo have learned to install and manage solar panels, yielding benefits in terms of energy, employment and health”